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I am a Physics Professor who has been doing physics and materials related research since 1996 and has taught at the university level since 2004.  I value cooperative research experiences with undergraduate students, industrial colleagues and professors at Stout and other universities.  I teach to empower students to hack, make, and monitor technology so that it is safe and good for people and the environment.  I employ physics education research findings in my pedagogy, and push the envelope from there.


Materials Science & Technology
9.28.19 - 10.3.19
Wisconsin Science & Technology Symposium
7.22.19 - 7.23.19
Polytechnic Summit
6.3.19 - 6.5.19
  Society of Vacuum Coaters Tech Con 2020
4.18.20 - 4.23.20


I became Program Director for the B.S. in Applied Science in September 2017.  I work with majors and my college to improve the student experience.

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I received a research fellowship in  spring 2019 to work on the open vacuum hardware project.  I hope to print vacuum hardware (or pre-molds to cast it), helping to democratize vacuum technology industries.

Dr. Marcia Miller-Rodeberg and I are studying high schools in NW Wisconsin.  We hope to improve access to educational opportunities for UW-Stout students interested in STEM disciplines.

Professor in the Applied Science Program of the Chemistry and Physics Department at the University of Wisconsin - Stout, Wisconsin's Polytechnic University

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